Go Karting Shott

Feel the racing furyon fastest go-karting cars

Not on the road but off-road racing is possible at Shott’s Go-Karting track. Plan a Go-Kart racing competition with your friends, employees, family or take the challenge from your fellow at the professional Go-Karting track in Surat. Go-Kart racing makes you a carefree here where the international circuit and safety barriers are laid for the true racing passion of the racers.

11am - 11pm

Internationally imported and modern go-karts, racing track covered with safety barriers and international circuit make Go-Karting in Surat a cloud nine experience. Helmet, shoes and gloves are given for the safety of the racer. An instruction video is played to explain the rules and safety measures of the game. The flagging system during the go-kart racing gives the feel of real racing.

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