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We knowyou want to play

There is not one but are many moments in life when you realize that “These days I forget to play.” No cousins come during the vacation at your home. No friends call out your name from outside the door in the evenings to play. No get-togethers are planned by the family without a reason. The playfulness has vaporized in the air with times. The feeling of being a grownup hurts, doesn’t it? We know how it feels on that side of the court. We know playing matters. To make you start playing again, we decided to open a playground for everybody in your family. From your 3-year-old niece Tinu to your 21-year-old Jaanu to your 70-year-old Daadu, everybody has a game to play at Shott.

Shott Amusement LLP is a chain of Family Entertainment Centres which houses sports games, adventurous experiences, simulative games, VR Games, appetite-satisfying food and sufficient party places to celebrate the special occasions of your life.

do a lot moreat one place

Games at Shott are just not games. For children, it has games that can help them enhance their gross and fine motor skills, for youngsters and families it has games that can be played with friends, cousins, siblings, parents, uncles or aunts in a group. Everybody can indulge in the gaming atmosphere at Shott and can spend a great time together to create more memories.

Playful & Indulging Games
playful & Indulging Games
People can Party Together
People can Party Together
Delicious Delights to Savour
Delicious Delights to Savour
How shott Helps You
 Bribe your kid
Bribe your kid with Shott’s games to eat green vegetables
Make it up to your wife
Make it up to your wife for forgetting her birthday gift
 Convince your GF
Convince your GF when you forget your first date anniversary
Challenge your colleagues
Challenge your colleagues to compete with you over a game
Defeat your dad in bowling
Defeat your dad in bowling to make him increase your pocket-money
 Win over your boss
Win over your boss’ confidence by being his strongest team-player in a game
 Make your mom win against you
Make your mom win against you to allow you for a late-night party
Let your lady friends experience
Let your lady friends experience jealousy with your kitty parties