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Everyone is a player inside. Some play smooth, some play rough. Some like to play mind games in silence, some like to show their action on the playground. We respect and welcome both at Shott. Shott is the urban family entertainment game zone in Surat where players from a 3-year-old kid to a 70-year-old grandparent can enjoy their every moment with our fun games. We’ve got simulative games and party banquets and menus filled with finger-licking food under the roof of one arena. Believe it or not, visit us at our exhilarating gaming arena and confirm by yourself.

Captain Shott

Captain ShottThe dashing, powerful
and iconic Superhero

Captain Shott is the first fearless superhero who belongs to the action-packed gaming age of India. He believes that playing does not know any age or gender. Players are immortal in games. To honor the players, Captain Shott has brought the heaven of games on Earth. Check out his entertainment empire and meet him as you enter his world of Shott.

Enter The Heaven

Cross yourPlaying Limits.

Got the player in you covered with the experience of indoor and outdoor adventure sports, fun games, virtual reality games and arcade games. Shott, the mind-blowing game zone in Surat has got a high number of games ready to explore your kind of gaming entertainment.

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Go Karting Shott
Go Karting

Feel the vroom vroom of most sporty Go-Kart on India’s breathtaking racing track. Take the twists and turns like a pro racer and feel the thrill of speed like racing hotheads at the international Go-Karting circuit set for you. Bring your friends along to enjoy the fun of racing with them or just challenge the fellow racers with your sportsman attitude, whatever suits the racer within you.

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Bowling Shott

When the music beats pump the player’s spirit and the bowling pins stand still in front of you, it’s time to strike them with your bowling moves. Step on the UV-Lit Bowling Alley, tighten your fingers in the ball and then lose control to strike bowling pins at the opposite end. Experience the environment that gives wings to your bowling swag.

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Rope Course Shott
Rope Course

Be a highlander and elevate your energy because we have an adventurous Rope Course for the courageous climber like you. Of course, it comes with protective measures so you can perform without any fear.

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360 Cricket Shott
360 Cricket

The excitement of playing cricket surpasses its limits at the 360° Cricket environment of Shott. Here you face the bowling of cricket legends like Sachin, Malinga, Murali, Akhtar and many as they throw their famous spins, googlies, yorkers against you. You just hit them right and score maximum sixes. Ready?

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Kids City Shott
Kids City

Lets your kids have unlimited fun at the Kids City. Kids City is a clean, safe, colorful and climate-controlled environment for the little champs to enjoy their favourite games like happy-go-lucky birds. Let their giggly laughter fill the air with the music of happiness to your ears.

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Deal With Us

Pick up our exciting offer deals to spend less and play more fun games without thinking about your pocket. Are you ready to play with action?

Rise, Party Animals!

We have crafted customized party packages for you and your guests incorporating sporty games, food, music, theme décor, team-building activities and more. Yes, a party coordinator is also available for you to be worry-free all the time. Let’s help you get hell lot of fun at our game zone in Surat, the heaven for players. Did we mention that our party space is free of cost?


Super-Duper Taste, that’s all.

After the hyper gaming action or sweat-shed dance at the party, your gurgling stomach will demand thirst-quenching drinks and super tasty food. Shott restaurant and café menus are filled with appetite-arousing delicacies to satisfy your taste buds.

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Play more epic gamesAt Shott

Games at Shott are just not games. For children, it has games that can help them enhance their gross and fine motor skills, for youngsters and families it has games that can be played with friends, cousins, siblings, parents, uncles or aunts in a group. Everybody can indulge in the gaming atmosphere at Shott and can spend a great time together to create more memories.

Bowling Games Played
Raced on our tracks