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Play Unlimited Shott

More you playMore you discover the player in you

Shott is your home ground of Virtual Reality Games, Competitive Sports, Adventurous Activities and Electronic Games. Play unbeatably and unstoppably with a fierce energy in you. It’s only you who can beat you and no one else.

Go Karting  Shott
Go Karting

Plan a racing match with your friends, team or family; take the maximum advantage of India’s most thrilling Go-Karting only at Shott.

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360 Cricket Shott
360 Cricket

Hit like a real player against the star cricketers like Malinga, Sachin, Akhtar and many more. Your consecutive sixes in international level can win you a big prize too.

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Formula 1 Shott
Formula 1

250 Km/H of speed is the answer to the force of rushing dynamism inside you. Take a sporty ride of Formula 1 at our gaming facility.

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Gaming Arcade Shott
Gaming Arcade

Basketball, Candy Crush, Super Bike, Hammer and what not amaze you here. Explore the gaming arcade where everyone in your family can play.

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Bowling Shott

Choose the size of your bowling shoes, step on the posh bowling alley where UV lights welcome you with its vibrancy and pins tease you to knock them down.

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Kids City Shott
Kids City

Your kid’s energy can never run out and so they need something where they can spend it well like the pool of balls, zoop slide and company of naughty one like him or her.

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